Thursday, March 25, 2004

Of interest today:
Lots of new things on The Herald blog, including some fine old Florida photo collections.

Via Derek Willis, who's been working on this project for six months:
The State Money Race from Center for Public Integrity, a study of state campaign financing in 2002. Florida's shows Republican Party gets twice as much as Democrats, and nearly half is from out of state.

An Interesting Resourceshelf post on how Google didn't find important information for a news story.

Best of Photojournalism Web entries: lots of wonderful photographs and some nice multimedia entries: Cherokee Stickball, from; Blue Ridge Parkway from

A great new resource: Policy Almanac: links to reports, stats on various policy issues, like crime, education, social issues, foreign affairs....lots of subcategories so there is much more here than on first appearance.


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