Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Friend or foe?
A few weeks ago, librarians got steamed about Joel Achenbach's story in the Washington Post about the future of searching.
Here's another observation, from Achenbach in the preliminary Notes to his upcoming book, The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West:
    "A final suggestion for those wishing to follow up on this story: Despite the powers of the Internet, which make it possible to find, for example, the full text of a Washington quote simply by searching for a phrase, there is nothing quite like browsing the shelves of a good library, where many fine books, too geriatric or obscure to be transferred to the digital realm, languish unread, in serious danger of being consigned to the category of lost information."

Does that not sound like a friend of libraries to you?
Oh yeah. And read the book when it comes out in June. If you love the Potomac area, or just want to know more, this is a wonderful story.


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