Sunday, February 01, 2004

Weekend update: Other things I found this week:

I've been intrigued with 'Wikis' for awhile, and think it sounds like an excellent tool for sharing information. Seems like this could be great for Intranets, investigative projects, news libraries. But it's still a pretty unknown concept. Here are a couple things that've been going on with Wikis that demonstrate what they can do:
  • Wikipedia, the online volunteer-created encyclopedia, is up to 200,000 articles. I've always wondered if this would ever be reliable enough to use as a research tool, but Dan Gillmor wrote about it this week and believes it's amazingly accurate. Collaborative reading/editing works, because contributors are constantly checking others' work.
  • WikiTravel: a collaborative online travel guide. Lots of sections still need input, anyone can contribute. I checked a few places and there's lots of work to do here. I'm tempted to make some contributions, though....
  • Blogs, RSS and Wikis is a directory of all sorts of resources on these topics.

    More useful links....

    Reference :
  • Military Spot: huge portal with links to military info, news, etc., including blogs.
  • Whole Health MD: nice site on natural health, supplements, diet and recipes, etc.
  • Oscars Press Kit
  • Purportal search several Urban Legends sites from one page. (Could have sworn I linked to this weeks ago....)
  • World License Plates
  • AllRefer has a dictionary, gazetteer, and other refrence links online.
  • Mad Cow Facts from Center for Global Food Issues.
  • Super Bowl television commercials: will be available here after the game; 2003 and 2002 commercials here now.
  • What do people want from their newspaper? LOCAL NEWS! Tim Porter reports on a new study.
  • Ethics Advice for Journalists from Loyola Chicago.
  • Copy Editors: the readers' advocate from American Press Institute.
  • The New War Profiteers: package of stories from the Institute for Southern Studies.
  • this site might be useful for finding details about a small town somewhere.
  • Bankruptcy Statistics from U.S. Courts.
  • Projections of Education Statistics to 2013 from NCES.
  • The State of Literacy in America a new study with searchable databases.
  • Gigablast search engine is now adding links to archived Web pages via The Wayback Machine. You'll see links next to results to 'older versions'.
  • U.S. Cert: sign up for virus and other computer system attack alerts.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Politics news sites good list of online newsletters and blogs covering politics, from Jon Dube at Poynter.
  • Times on the Trail a 'continuously updated' page of news on Campaign 2004, from Times correspondents. Sounds -- sorta -- like a blog.
  • Clarkbot: feeding links to news about Wesley Clark.
  • Election Reform, 2004: What's changed, what hasn't:report from
  • New Hampshire Political Library has historical primary results.
  • Rule of Law and Cuba at FSU. Includes bio, photos and info on dissidents.
  • Reconstruction of Afghanistan from NYU.
  • Transitional Afghan State: on the new Afghan constitution.
  • Government views of Iraq: a great reference guide from CCNY library.
  • AM NY: the new free Tribune (Newsday) tabloid also available for free PDF download daily.
  • Get NIH news by email: sign up for health alerts, notices of new disease collections, etc.
  • Florida Auto Trails history of Florida's great roads.
  • Database of National Security experts from
    Public Records: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The Smoking Gun guys get a gig on the Today Show. Not bad for a couple journalists who came up with an alternative to working for big least for a while.
  • Gene Weingarten on the Weekly World News
  • The 101 dumbest moments in business from Business 2.0.
  • New phenom on EBay: Imaginary girlfriends.
  • Philly Inquirer will run columns from politics blog 'Spinsanity'.
  • Last minutes of Columbia shuttle from Newsday.
  • 37 soldiers report rape by other soldiers in Iraq: from Denver Post. Result of a study on military sexual assault. More stats.
  • A campaign reporter's dissent: interesting discussion on Jay Rosen's Pressthink blog based on a letter from a small-town newspaper reporter trying to cover the presidential campaign.
  • Drawing from Life: a Smithsonian exhibit of caricatures.
  • Vanishing Georgia, from the Georgia Digital Library, has 18,000 historical photos scanned.
  • Live view of Cold Mountain (the real one). (via Smoky Mountain Journal.)


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