Thursday, January 29, 2004

A couple things:
If you're interested in getting access to Atom feeds from Blogger blogs (like mine) and your aggregator won't read Atom (since it's not RSS, but a new feed format), here's A list of aggregators that accept Atom feeds, from Atom.

And, if you doubt that the younger generation doesn't need anything from 'old media', just read this new blog from Lorika. She's mad. An excerpt:
    "We are sick of you dog-piling on a story that is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, feeding on each other like cannibals.
    And we are most sick of the dizzying lurching spin you put on every single "story" you report.
    We just want it straight - the real story. The impartial story, the way it was meant to be."

(via Kaye Trammell.)


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