Thursday, January 15, 2004

Rather than use the Feedster URL, below, or the RSS icon links, this URL seems to work much better for RSS feed of this blog: I'll make an alternative icon. I'm still not clear why the URL Feedster suggests seems to be invalid, but I may still need to tweak my template a bit. The changes Feedster suggests don't reflect the actual code in the template, so this is tricky. Amazing how all the 'easy' solutions to software/programming problems always seem to create new ones........

New and interesting today:
Ethnic Majority covers "African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans in Politics".

New Yorkish: a Gawker-type blog.

Election resources, part 3 from Gary Price, continuing this wonderful research resource.

And, The Campaign Desk from Columbia Journalism Review, critiques campaign coverage, including blogs.


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