Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Experimenting with RSS:
I've created an RSS feed for the Newslib weblog using Feedster's RSS generator. So far it seems to be working but have had a couple glitches (Amphetadesk wouldn't recognize it, for one). If these work out, I'll be doing this next with this blog. Here's the Newsliblog RSS URL. And if it doesn't work, maybe I'll try RSSify instead.
A nice thing about Feedster, though, is that you can also use it to create a site search that links directly to each permalink. Sweet. (I tried it with the Newsliblog feed but it needed time to scrape the new URL. Will try again tomorrow.)
Feedster can also be used as a news aggregator (for reading all these new feeds); I'm going to try that too. But I'm also tempted by Kaye Trammel's find, Bloglines. This one notifies you when a new feed appears. (Kaye also is using Feedster's search).


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