Friday, January 16, 2004

Just a couple things:
Busy today, but have some more to add over the weekend. Meanwhile, noticed today:
No worry about Mad Cow disease here....

Cyberpolitics Blog from Cyberjournalist.

Assignment: Baghdad a local TV crew blogs from Iraq. From WISC in Madison.

Also, look at How to Save the World's post on the January 5th New Yorker article on Saudi Arabia, which is available online. Just look at the photo by Kevin Kelly posted here. It is absolutely beautiful.

More beautiful Asia photographs by Kevin Kelly here. As I suspected, this is the same Kevin Kelly of Whole Earth/Co-evolution/Cool Tools fame.

And, found on a blog by 'Leann' by doing a Technorati search on this blog's URL:
    "OMG!!!! there is another person in the universe who loves research as much as i, and she actually has an official title!! "news research editor at the Miami Herald " this woman has the BEST job in the world!! does she actually get paid to do research and post it? and i thought my discovery of a real estate researcher was cool- this tops it. liz, do you need an assistant!???!!! i'm moving to miami in a month!!!"

-- Yes, Leann, there really are news researchers, and you can find out lots more about them from the News Division of the Special Libraries Association, link on the left. Most major papers, and some TV stations, networks, and magazines, have researchers/librarians. Some other news researchers blog too, see the blogroll on the Newsliblog. Unfortunately, though, I don't get paid to blog, although part of my job is finding research sources for the newsroom Intranet. And, openings for assistants are rare.
-- Liz.
(Oh, and yeah, it IS the best job in the world. Thanks for reminding me.)


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