Saturday, December 13, 2003

Weekend update: The weekly reference collection/research gleanings:

This week I posted some useful links to the Herald blog, including links on flu and aviation history. Also several fun links, many holiday-related.

The useful links....

Reference :
  • Equinox and Solstice: site on celebrations of these annual events.
  • Brown@50 Howard University site celebrates 50th anniversary (2004) of Brown v. Board of Education.
  • All About Snow.
  • An Atlas of the Universe.
  • Holiday Trends from Journalists Toolbox, has lots of links for retail/shopping stats and lots of other stuff (holiday movies, etc.)
  • Food and Nutrition national country profiles from UN's FAO, includes info on Latin American countries.
    Public Records:
  • Southern District of New York: Finally online! Now available thru PACER. (via Genie Tyburski.)
  • Expertnet: Florida's researchers, finds experts in Florida state universities.
  • Quick Link to Florida County Websites
  • Facts about Christmas fun statistics from U.S. Census.
  •, a really easy-to-use new WHOIS search, now gives you an image of the Web site of a domain, as well as good description.
  • Google number searches New! You can search by number for things like tracking numbers, airplane registrations and patents.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Court Tech Forum: site from Florida's 9th Circuit focuses on technology and the courts.
  • Web Watch from, this site finds interesting government Web sites. Latest: a teacher monitoring database from Vermont.
  • More Election 2004 links from Gary Price
  • Color of Money: another project on campaign finance, from the Fannie Lou Hamer Project. Find contributions from metro areas, ZIP codes, racial/ethnic groups.
  • Good summary of Supreme Court decision on campaign finance law from FECWatch (Center for Responsive Politics).
  • Campaign Finance Institute's EGuides
  • Fullcoverage of campaign finance from Yahoo.
  • United States Counties: from NACO, National Assn of Counties, click on a map to get information on a county, including demographics and lists of officials, and a link to the Web site. More useful searches from NACO (includes finding county by city, finding coastal counties, population range searches, etc.).
  • SBA Pro-Net database: search for small businesses by location, type, ownership, etc. I checked 'services' in local area code and got 5 businesses with lots of info including owners names.
  • Western States' historical marriage database: search historical records from several states (mostly pre-1900).
    News, Journalism: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Your Right to Know: an FOI Weblog from Society of Environmental Journalists. (via Cyberjournalist.)
  • Powerful animation on Dennis Kucinich Website.
  • Did the 'blaster' worm cause the August blackout? from CNet.
  • A new IE flaw: Allows creation of a Web site with a supposedly valid URL in the address field. See how it works.
  • James Nachtwey: The photojournalist injured in Iraq. Amazing photos.
  • The Saudi Connection: huge investigative report by US News and World Report on how Saudi money financed terrorism.
  • Talking Heads news and pictures for cable news anchor fans.
  • The Museum of London: includes a large photo gallery.
  • The Non-Verbal Dictionary: definitions of body language.
  • Have you heard about the "GoogleBombing" of G.W. Bush? Snopes explains how it works.
  • Key Ingredients: traveling Smithsonian exhibition on how America Eats, has a history of American cooking, a cookbook (with stories about the food), and "Eating from Coast to Coast", recommending restaurants, festivals and markets.


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