Saturday, January 04, 2003

The weekly update:
So this week, it's Korea. Some useful sites:
  • CIA World Factbook: North Korea
  • State Dept: North Korea links to background notes, etc.
  • BBC Country Profile
  • BBC Korea Timeline
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage: news and links
  • North Korea Nukes lots of good information on military, war plans, nuclear program, etc. from Global Security think tank.
  • Korea Special Collection lots of information from Monterey Institute of International Studies.
  • North Korea Special Weapons from Federation of American Scientists.
  • North Korean Studies page from a professor at Australian National University, based in Russia.
  • North Korean websites from
  • Washington Post: North Korea story collection and links.
  • Korea Web Weekly news from Korea.
  • Korean History links page from UC Berkeley.

    And more useful links....

  • DeploymentLink Defense Dept site tracks military deployment to Middle East.
  • Iraq Watch site monitors Iran's weapons of mass destruction program; compiling a database of companies that supplied technology to Iraq.
  • Military Associations directory help from
  • Disaster Finder from NASA.
  • Uniform Crime Reports, Jan-June 2002 (preliminary) from FBI.
  • County report cards from includes Broward and Miami-Dade.
  • a new site combines lots and lots of search engines in one pulldown menu so you can get to them all from one page; also lots of category searches available here.
  • Got Wi-Fi? want to know where you can go for wireless access?802.11 Hot Spots has a directory of places with wireless internet access. In Miami: a few hotels and airport airline desks.
  • Wikipedia this ongoing project enlists Web users to create an online encyclopedia in many languages. Note the Current Events page, which lists links to the news, including Background articles.
  • International Womens' Media Foundation journalists group.
  • Lost Remote a group Weblog about the TV industry and new technology, redo of another site by same name.
  • Big Class Action database find cases nationwide, by category.
    Florida, Public Records, People: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • James J. Kilpatrick: My journey from racism column in Atlanta Journal Constitution. Still around at 82...
  • Rich Gordon writes about news "convergence" in Medill journal
  • Orlando Sentinel investigation finds criminals under house arrest committed rapes
  •'s Purchase Circles find out what people are buying, by geographic area or type of group.
  • Best of 2002 Online Journalism Review's Spike Report links to some of the year's most fascinating stories/websites.
  • enter a date and find out when anniversaries will be.
  • Create your own snowflake and publish it online.
  • Firmament: enter a URL and entire text of the web page comes up as links.
  • Best booking photos of the year from Smoking Gun. Bonus link: Diana Ross' arrest report
  • This Japanese Weblog asked users of mobile phone cameras to email their New Year's's what they got.
  • Drink recipes from American Bartenders School.
  • The Human Clock enter your time zone and get real time from real people. I made this a separate window on my desktop and really enjoy seeing the time change....For something similar, with words, The Letter Project.


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