Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Help for the holidays:
The Poynter Institute does a lot to encourage and assist journalists, and this week Al Tompkins' Morning Meeting column is going the extra step with his column of story ideas. Unlike some (Jim Romenesko, and me) who are taking Christmas week off, Al says:
Note from Al: I know that the holiday season is a tough time for a lot of you. Lots of your newsrooms operate on a shoestring staff and you need story ideas. That is why Al’s Morning Meeting publishes every weekday, including holidays.
For more help from Poynter, Dave Shedden's list of holiday links is available there too, updated earlier this month.
Since I'm not collecting links this week, there won't be a Saturday update, so I'll post a few things I find during the week. Actually, I really would rather see beautiful photos at top of the page this week, so I'll look for more:


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