Saturday, September 07, 2002

As I predicted a couple weeks ago, we are in project hell at work so posting and updating has been slow. Expect thin posts at least for next week (we have a primary election on top of everything else). Still some very nice finds this week:

Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Who Killed Tupac Shakur? This story from LA Times, but this version at Atlanta J-C lets you read without having to register.
  • Engine Trouble story in Guardian about troubles with Google...good reason to keep other search engines in your repetoire.
  • New background checks for school employees in England causing school opening delays.
  • Growing up in Jail Newsday investigative series on juveniles in prison.
  • Bill's Content a new weblog from Bill Dennis, Peoria journalist.

    Terrorism/Sept 11 Resources:
  • CBC: September 11 nice memorial site from Canadian Broadcasting Company.
  • The Sonic Memorial: database of NPR's excellent coverage of post-9/11 aftermath, and additional sound memories of the building itself from construction to destruction, contributed by listeners. A Wired story about this site and other memorial sites.
  • Terrorism enforcement analysis from TRAC.
  • Sept 11 resources from Cyberjournalist
  • For a compilation of all the latest links sites on terrorism plus the links from last year, check the Terrorism page.

    For Fun:
  • City Creator like a giant lego online.

    And the useful links:

  • Zimmerman's Research Guide "an online encyclopedia for legal researchers". Get definitions, links.
  • Guardian World News Guide link to news from all over the world, using map or links.
  • The Everglades Landscape Model: "regional scale ecological model designed to predict the landscape response to different water management scenarios in south Florida, USA." From South Fla. Water Management Districts.
  • Cyberjournalist's Great Work Gallery links to great online packages. Mentioned this week: the Sun Sentinel's 10 Years after Andrew package....
  • Agricultural production database downloadable stats from DoA, including US and other key countries. Also available in browseable pre-defined tables of popular stats, like tobacco production, imports/exports, etc.
  • Census Facts for Features: Hispanic Heritage Month lots of current stats on hispanics, language, immigration, from Census.
  • International Crime Statistics from Interpol, latest releases include 2000 data for many countries.
  • DocMorph free service from the Natl Library of Medicine lets you turn any file into a PDF using the Web page. Or download MyMorph: now you can convert multiple pages into a single PDF, and more.
  • Profusion new web search and directory from Intelliseek. The search searches using "1000 search sources".
  • Craig Ball's sample of informal discovery links a nice directory of useful search tools like people finders, public records databases and much more.
  • Access Front Ends nice tutorial from Baltimore's Mike Himowitz.
  • U.S. Government Manual 2002-2003 latest edition of this invaluable book.
  • Trade with Cuba stats, reports, and FAQs from the Foreign Agricultural Service. Coming up: FIRST U.S. FOOD & AGRIBUSINESS EXHIBITION
    People, Public Records : No links this week.


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