Saturday, August 31, 2002

This is the first complete weekly update. I'll be posting here the stuff that I used to post to the Website page. Notice all the links from the old page have been duplicated here on the left.

It's been a pretty easy progress, using Blogger. Starting up and updating is painless, but still helps to know HTML to customize your template. There were some moments of soul searching, as I debated the pros and cons: I like creating and updating my sites on my hard drive, not on the server (I've always done with both our newsroom Intranet and my personal site); It lets me preview and proofread before I post, and I usually do that a couple times before sending over. And, of course, the concern over whether the archives will always be available. I kept the old ones on my hard drive too, just in case, so want to figure out a way to store these.
I really like the clean simplicity of the new format, though. It was always a temptation with the website to try some new trick. I won't be doing that on the Blogger template nearly so much.

Next step: certainly to remove the ad banner. A couple of options, including a just-annouced Blogspot Plus option that includes Web hosting among the pluses: a chance to get rid of the separate website altogether, including 25 mb for $50/yr. A good deal, but not for me...yet.
So stay tuned for the changes.

This week's links include more Terrorism and Sept 11 links to add to the Terrorism links page:

Interesting Stories and Weblogs:




Public Records

  • Plain Dealer: Right to Know nice links to information about government and rights to public records and meetings. A very useful service to a newspaper's readers. Note Doug Clifton photo and letter.....


  • Questionable Doctors the database of disciplined doctors from Public Citizen. Florida now among states available; many more states yet to come.




  • Whatis?com find definitions of technology terms. Also here: a listing of "every file format in the world", pronunciation, lots of neat reference files like country codes, emoticons, phone numbers...
  • JAlbum free photo organizing software: create HTML albums of your photos. Recommended by Scout Report.



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