Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I want to work for this company, too:
Mark Glaser has a wonderful essay on Jay Rosen's Pressthink blog: The Media Company I Want to Work For-- Not Someday, But Now. Says Glaser:
    "I am tired of waiting for media companies to change and figure out the way that the business is shifting right beneath their short-sighted eyes. When are they going to understand that their readers are more important than their stockholders? When are they going to understand their readers at all?"

And about this company's Web site: "There would be no registration or walls to content, archives, or old links."

Also, Glaser cites several blogs from journalists who do get it, including one I've not seen before: John Robinson, editor of the News-Record in Greensboro. (This is a place that gets it. The Greensboro area seems to be teeming with bloggers, including Ed Cone and Lex Alexander (links on Robinson's blog). There are also four other blogs at the N-R, including Alexander's LexBlog.


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