Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's over:
One of the hardest weeks I ever experienced. Moving is hard enough, without having to do it in a hurricane. But it's done, except, of course, for lots of organizing. Now I'm sitting here on a hillside, thinking about those folks in Florida, having to face another bearing down on them.
At least this time I won't be posting any fallen-trees-in-Turnpike-service-area photos, as I won't be going down that road again. At least not for awhile.
Despite moving to a new state, I'm still in the news research business, but part time. This means I'll have more time for blogging, and hope to make some changes to make it all even better.
Expect regular postings starting next week, after I get this new house in some kind of order. (It's coming along.)
For those of you who don't know, we have moved to Cherokee County, NC, in the far western corner of the state (10 miles from Tenn and Ga). We are south of the Smokies and north of the Blue Ridge, in a chain of TVA lakes. Despite lack of DSL or other broadband here (so far), I get a fast dialup connection (faster than I had in Miami), so will be online nearly as much as before.
My column will continue as well, and I hope to be posting lots more photos to a new blog starting soon.
See y'all here then!


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