Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

I guess it's time to reiterate that, although I don't acknowledge the source of each of these links, they mostly come from the blogroll at left: many are from Resourceshelf or Docuticker; been finding good stuff at Depth Reporting lately; some come from compiliations like Boing Boing and Metafilter. Thanks to the folks who keep up these wonderful resources.

The other links:

  • New Scientist articles on this year's hurricanes
  • National Priorities Project has added a database of military recruiting, which has local data.
  • Resources on the Medicare drug benefit program from Kaiser Family Fund.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator from HHS.
  • Large collection of avian flu links from Resourceshelf.
  • Nursery Rhymes lyrics and origins.
  • Dictionary of Baby Names, Meanings and Origins
  • The Envelope database of all award winners in entertainment: Oscars, Emmys, Grammies, etc. from LA Times. Goes back to 1916.
  • Medline Plus: man-made disasters with health resources, news links, etc, from National Library of Medicine.
  • Medline Plus: natural disasters
  • Between the Global and the Local: Islamism, the Middle East, and Indonesia, Brookings report.
  • Measuring the economic impact of Wal-Mart on the U.S. Economy, from Global Insight. Shows lowering of household costs.

  • In Their Eyes: St. Pete Times photogs on covering Katrina.

  • Books for Understanding helps you find the best books to research a topic.
  • Kayak searches for best air fares across airline, travel sites. Check the 'Buzz' to see the cheapest fares others are finding.
  • MegaConverter: convert anything to anything.
  • FactBites: do a search, get a definition or description.
  • Google Print After all the hoopla, it's here. Search a broad range of public domain books (this will be increasing). You'll need a Google account (Gmail or the like) to see full text pages.

  • Population Profile of the U.S. is now available in dynamic, constantly-updated format from the Census.
  • STD Surveillance, 2004, latest stats from CDC.
  • Civil Justice statistics from Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Hot Wheels 2005, most-stolen cars from Natl Insurance Crime Bureau.

  • Judy's Book is a new local social networking site. (They call it "Your Friends' Yellow Pages.) Here's the Miami Judy's Book; Fort Lauderdale.

  • ABC Reader Profile: a quick way to get the latest circulation figures for the 150 biggest newspapers from Audit Bureau of Circulation.

  • Wonderful 20s-30s travel poster collection at L.A. Public Library.
  • On the effectiveness of aluminum-foil helmets: 4 MIT students study whether they really keep out government-mind-control radio waves. Bad news: they make them worse.


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