Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

The news is moving so fast that these last few weeks many of the links I've collected are out of date by the time I post them. Not much use for those Harriet Miers or Hurricane Wilma links now (although many of the Wilma links remain on my Herald blog)......

The other links:

  • Skin Deep, report on cosmetics from Environmental Working Group, has database of product safety info.
  • Nuclear plants operating in the U.S., list with links from EIA.
  • Drug interaction checker from
  • Living With Debt a report on Americans' changing attitutes, from
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau has a database of boats and cars damaged in Katrina and Rita. Need hull number or VIN.
  • How Much is That? several ways to calculate value of a dollar compared to previous years, from an economics prof.
  • Computer and Internet use in the U.S., 2003 from Census.
  • U.S. Prisoners, 2004, stats on inmates in state and federal prisons.
  • Fish Economics: the benefit of rebuilding the world's fish stock, report from U. British Columbia.
  • Statewide Education Data Profiles new from NCES.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball: The oft-quoted prof's political predictions.
  • Top-Earning dead celebrities from Forbes.
  • Good explanation of Plame case and indictment process on Al's Morning Meeting.
  • Westport Teardowns The newspaper in this CT town features houses that are disappearing to be replaced by bigger homes.


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