Saturday, October 15, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

Note at least today the logos are back. I got some good suggestions in the comments from Jack Smith, who recommended posting the photos to flickr. I did try posting them to Yahoo! photos, but the addresses there were dynamic too, and I think flickr does the same thing. At any rate, I now have the photos on a separate Earthlink website, so I think they'll be stable now. It is time for me to do a redesign, and this nearly made me do it immediately...still thinking about it, though.

I've been posting lots on the recent tragedies in Pakistan and Guatemala on my Herald blog, but a couple good collections here for journalists:

The other links:

  • NCORE, Natl Center for Coral Reef Research, at UM's Rosenstiel School.
  • Metro Bits, site devoted to metro and subway systems worldwide. Includes a World Metro List.
  • Double Tongued Word Wrester, fascinating dictionary of new oddball words 'on the fringe of English'.
  • New listings, the Online Books Page; find out what new books in fulltext have been added to this great Online Books guide (RSS feed also available). Note if you're into Vietnam history, a whole bunch of military reports were added Oct. 4.
  • Wikibooks: lots of textbooks online.
  • National UFO Reporting Center. Here's a great place to find locals and their stories.
  • NumSum: create free spreadsheets on the Web you can share with others; or use a 'throwaway spreadsheet' good for 7 days.
  • How to get free 411 searches using your text phone, from Wash Post.
  • Annual Report of ATV deaths and injuries, 2004
    Governments, Politics:
  • U.S. Government Manual, new 2005-2006 edition.
  • Congressional Pictoral Directory for the 109th Congress, latest version.
  • China Business Research Guide from UPenn library, good business research links.
  • HHS database of defaulted borrowers: health professionals that didn't pay back Health Education Assistance Loans issued between 1978-1998.

  • Yahoo! Podcasts.


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