Monday, October 17, 2005

More on storing photos for linking:
I decided not to try flickr for storing my photos, despite suggestion, because I feared the URLs wouldn't be permanent. Now I know I should have tried it, after getting a comment from Derek Willis informing me that flickr does have permanent URLs for the photos stored there. There are examples on Derek's Blandiose site.
I've been relying on my Web space for storing photos to link on my blogs, and having space troubles as a result. Although I have lots of photos posted to the blogs (see the Highlandscam photo blog) I couldn't use them for separate display or link them on my website.
One solution was to set up additional profiles on my Earthlink account, which could theoretically give me an extra 50 or so mb, which I hadn't done before; using one of them now has given me working room.
But now, thanks to suggestions from Derek and Jack, I can see an alternative solution. I could move the photos to flickr and use my Web space to store text. Hope this information helps others who have been looking for a similar solution.

I really appreciate that these journalists took the time to make suggestions and help a fellow blogger with a problem. Isn't this a wonderful thing about doing this?


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